iSwingSoCal is Southern California’s newest and most friendly dance school. Our goal is to get you out on the dance floor and having fun your first day! We have programs designed for dancers of all levels and abilities. Our programs are designed to help you become a better swing dancer while enjoying the learning experience — from day one.


You’ll Have Fun From Day One

Why learn from iSwingSoCal? Our classes are casual and friendly, so you can relax, have fun and enjoy the learning process. Our instructors are experienced, professional swing dancers: patient, friendly and knowledgeable. We’ll make sure that you enjoy learning Swing from day one!


What You Can Expect

Make lots of mistakes: In our experience, fear of mistakes is the biggest reason why most people have trouble learning to swing dance. If you don’t get it right way, that’s okay (we didn’t either). Be patient with yourself. We’ll make sure that you keep smiling and keep dancing.

Have fun and sweat a lot: Swing dancing is very energetic. You’ll be hopping, jumping and having fun. Expect to get a good workout at our lessons. You’ll want to wear comfortable clothing and shoes.

Discover your own best way of learning: If you got two left feet, we’ll show you how to make the best use of your two left feet. Our instructors are accomplished swing dancers who have spent years refining their teaching and dancing skills. Together we’ll discover your optimal learning style and unique set of talents.



Start Swing Dancing Today!

If you’ve always wanted to learn how to swing dance, sign-up today! You get…
* To enjoy a great workout while meeting new people
* To develop dancing skills you’ve always wanted
* Friendly expert instruction



Check our previous achievements

Are you wondering what iSwingSoCal was like before it established in California? Who are Shawn and Sadie?
Well, we taught many different classes , organized lots parties and workshops in Japan. Of course, we also went to overseas and taught workshops, classes, DJ-ed and judged contests. Check our previous achievements in Japan, photos and movie clips.